3 Criminals Who Were Almost Too Dumb to Believe

We’ve all heard stories of criminals who got caught because of mistakes they made, but these folks take it to a whole other level. They did the cops a favor by making some of the dumbest decisions in recent memory.

a picture of beer taps at a barHitting the Bar(s)

An unnamed woman in Michigan was caught driving with a blood alcohol content twice the legal limit. But she wasn’t caught at a DUI check point, or even pulled over for swerving; she was caught when police officers noticed her backing up in a jail parking lot. According to the woman, she thought the jail was a bar. Well, it does have plenty of bars inside, as this woman is likely to find out!

Customer Complaint

Evelyn Hamilton of Texas just wasn’t having it. Her pot dealer had given her some subpar marijuana, so she called the police to complain about the quality of the drug. When the cops arrived, Hamilton presented the remaining marijuana as proof of the drug deal. She was arrested and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

Distracted by Cats

a picture of kittens in the grassDaniel Pinedo-Velapatino of Florida started his day by stealing $15,000 from a friend, and crashing a stolen Lexus at an intersection. Officers who witnessed the accident pursued Velapatino to a dead end street, where he crashed the car again — once into a fire hydrant, and twice into the officers’ car! After getting stuck in the mud, Velapatino fled to a nearby home, where he asked for a glass of water. While the homeowner obliged, he lay down on her living room floor and began playing with her cats. He was ultimately caught when he fell into a canal and had to be rescued by police. If this guy is a career criminal, it’s time to retire!

We trust that nobody will repeat these people’s mistakes. But if you ever get arrested for any reason and need to make bail, give us a call so that you can be released and get on with your life ASAP!