When Do Arrests Result in No Criminal Charges?

No Criminal Charges

In Certain Scenarios, No Criminal Charges Could Follow an Arrest.

After an individual becomes arrested, they are not automatically charged with a crime. In fact, a few different scenarios could result in no criminal charges. If you or someone you know has become arrested, do not lose hope: if the any of the following apply, freedom will soon follow.

Low Priority Crime

An intake prosecutor must actually file charges for an arrest to stick. For certain crimes, the local intake prosecutor could categorically promote no criminal charges. For example, possession of small quantities of marijuana may not result in charges. This can also apply situationally, as with a group of protesters arrested for civil disobedience.

Failure to Observe Rights

If a police officer obviously failed to observe protocol or the civil rights of the arrested, a prosecutor may decline to even file charges. The reason for this comes from the likelihood of a conviction. If the prosecutor knows beforehand that no conviction could occur, they may not file charges.

Victim Request

At the end of the day, the responsibility for charges falls on the shoulders of the prosecutor, not the victim. However, if a victim explicitly and vocally makes clear that they want no charges, the prosecutor will most likely abstain. This becomes especially likely if the victim refuses to participate in the trial process.

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