Bail Bonds vs. Paying Cash Bail

You know that, in most cases, you can bail yourself out with a bail bond. You may wonder, however, if it is really so different from paying cash, or if it’s better to pay cash bail. Working in the bail process on your own is not a bad thing. However, when the cost of bail is high, the best and fastest way to get someone out of jail may be bail bonds.

Facing Bail Costs

Handcuffs Money and Gavel

Bail Bonds Help You Save Money.

Cost is the biggest and most common problem people face when it comes to bail. Often, the amount of bail set it simply too much for the average person. No one wants to spend all their savings on bail. If you’re the one in jail, you may feel terrible if someone was forced to do this for you.

That is why bail bonds exist. They are meant to help you get out of jail without spending such a large amount of money. The bail bonds system is also meant to help make sure that inmates show up on their assigned court dates. When you pay bail, you get a refund on the payment when the person in question appears on time in court, and for any other necessary appearances. If you pay on your own, you may lose everything if you don’t make court dates.Overall, it is less risky. A bail agent posts bail in exchange for some of the total cost. The fee varies per state.

Just about any bail bondsman can do this for you, but you want the best for such a serious occasion. Trust the bail bonds of Rodriguez Bail Bonds. Avoid paying cash bail and call 956-316-2245 for a bail bondsman in Weslaco, McAllen, and Edinburg, TX, and surrounding areas.

What is Contempt Of Court, And Why Is It Bad?

Contempt Of Court

You Should Always Be Respectful In Court.

If you or a loved one have been arrested, you may be doing everything you can to understand the process better. This is a great thing to do, and it can benefit you greatly in the long run. After a defendant has been release on bail, it’s time to start preparing for the trial. Today we will discuss an important court term you’ll want to know, “Contempt of Court.” Contempt of court refers to any action that disrespects the court, or impedes its ability to serve its purpose, and it can result in jail time or hefty fines. You never want to be held in contempt of court, and today we will explain what that is, and how to avoid it.

Civil Contempt Of Court

Civil contempt of court typically refers to situations in which one person refuses to comply with the court’s ruling over a civil matter. For example, refusing to pay court-ordered child support is often considered contempt of court.

Criminal Contempt Of Court

Criminal contempt of court typically happens within the court house, including actions such as shouting at or threatening the judge, or other people in the courtroom.

How To Avoid It

If you do not want to be held in contempt of court, it is essential that you are very respectful and punctual when it comes to your trials. Show up on time, when you are asked to speak, do so with a calm and even-leveled voice. Do not shout or lose your temper. Answer questions calmly, and truthfully to the best of your ability. Cooperating with the court helps the process go by more quickly and efficiently.

We hope you find this helpful! If you need assistance posting bail prior to your court hearing, please give us a call today at (956) 316-2245 to get started!

Immigrant Rights During An Arrest

Immigration bail bonds

Do You Know Your Rights As An Immigrant?

As you probably know, immigration is a hot button issue in America, particularly down here in Texas. As a state with many immigrants, we feel that it’s important to make sure everyone understands that, citizen or not, this country does believe in unalienable human rights, so be sure to know what rights you have! As an immigrant, the level of your rights during an arrest will vary according to which organization arrests you, and under what circumstances. For example, if you are arrested at home or work, you have more rights than if you are picked up at the airport or the border by ICE.

Here are some basic guideline to follow:

  • Remain calm. First and foremost, staying calm will help you keep your thoughts and priorities in line. Don’t panic.
  • Immediately ask to speak to a lawyer and claim your right to remain silent.
  • Do not answer any questions until you have spoken with a lawyer.
  • Do NOT sign anything. You are not required to sign any documents if you are arrested, so don’t sign anything unless advised by your lawyer.
  • Ask your lawyer about immigration bail bond options. 

An immigration bail bond can help you or a loved one get out of jail before a court date. That time can be used to gather any necessary information you need to present your case in court. While these bonds are not always an option, be sure to discuss it with your lawyer.

For additional information on immigration bail bonds, call our team of experts today at our office number, 956-316-2245.


When Do Arrests Result in No Criminal Charges?

No Criminal Charges

In Certain Scenarios, No Criminal Charges Could Follow an Arrest.

After an individual becomes arrested, they are not automatically charged with a crime. In fact, a few different scenarios could result in no criminal charges. If you or someone you know has become arrested, do not lose hope: if the any of the following apply, freedom will soon follow.

Low Priority Crime

An intake prosecutor must actually file charges for an arrest to stick. For certain crimes, the local intake prosecutor could categorically promote no criminal charges. For example, possession of small quantities of marijuana may not result in charges. This can also apply situationally, as with a group of protesters arrested for civil disobedience.

Failure to Observe Rights

If a police officer obviously failed to observe protocol or the civil rights of the arrested, a prosecutor may decline to even file charges. The reason for this comes from the likelihood of a conviction. If the prosecutor knows beforehand that no conviction could occur, they may not file charges.

Victim Request

At the end of the day, the responsibility for charges falls on the shoulders of the prosecutor, not the victim. However, if a victim explicitly and vocally makes clear that they want no charges, the prosecutor will most likely abstain. This becomes especially likely if the victim refuses to participate in the trial process.

At Rodriguez Bail Bonds, we exist to facilitate release from jail via bail bonds. If you or someone you know has become arrested and charges have, in fact, been filed, you will want our services. The next time you need a bail bond in Hidalgo County, you can count on our team. To learn more, give us a call anytime at

How to Achieve Probation Success

probation success

Probation Allows You to Remain a Free and Productive Member of Society.

Probation represents a great opportunity for those who faced a jail sentence. Instead of incarceration, you get to remain a free and productive member of society. Of course, probation comes with many requirements. To achieve probation success, pay attention to the following.

Do Not Commit Crimes

This may seem obvious, but bears emphasis nonetheless. If you are on probation, you must remain on the right side of the law. Probationers generally fail at this through the use of illegal substances. In most cases, you will have some kind of drug testing as a part of your probation. If you were convicted on alcohol charges, you will be tested for that substance as well. Fail a test, and you can expect trouble from your supervision officer.

Keep Your Appointments

Your periodic meetings with a supervision officer represent one of the most important elements of probation. You should never miss one of these meetings without a viable excuse. If you need to reschedule, give your officer plenty of advance notice. If you fail to report and do not maintain open communication, you can expect a violation.

Satisfy Requirements

In addition to your regular meetings and prohibition from crime, you will have some number of additional probation requirements. These could include fines, community service, and counseling classes. If the judge assigned it, then a lack of completion could land you back in jail.

If you fail to achieve probation success, you may get arrested. If you or someone you know ever needs a bail bond for probation violation, contact Rodriguez Bail Bonds at .

5 of The Most Expensive Bail Bonds In The World

5 of The Most Expensive Bail Bonds In The World

The Most Expensive Bail Bonds In the World.

Bail bonds are one of the most helpful things when you or a loved one needs to be released from jail. It ensures that you can go about your daily life and continue doing what you normally do. While they can be an expensive thing, there are people all over the world who have had to pay extremely high bail bonds in order to be released from jail. Below are five of the most expensive bail bonds in the world.

Bernard Ebbers

Bernard Ebbers was a CEO of WorldCom and had his bail set to $10 million. The reason that he was arrested was that, in 2005, WorldCom covered up the fact that the company inflated their assets. How much inflation do you ask? $11 billion worth. Ebbers was charged with fraud, filing a false statement, and securities fraud.

Bernie Madoff

One of the most expensive bail bonds in the world is the Bernie Madoff bail bond. Madoff was charged for being involved in $50 million ponzi scheme. His bail was set at $10 million, but he couldn’t find anyone to co-sign the bail bond, not even his own sons.

Shirley Ji

Shirley Ji, the wife of Kening Ma (who is also on our list), was involved in her husband’s ATV scandal as his business partner. Because of this, Ji was arrested and her bail was set at $75 million.

Kening Ma

Ma was from southern California and sold all-terrain vehicles. While this might not seem bad, the problem was that he sold these vehicles without a smog certificate. This is a big no-no and landed him in jail. His bail was set at $100 million, with him and his wife’s bail equaling to $175 million altogether.

Michael Milken

Coming up at number one as the most expensive bails bonds in the world is Michael Milken. Milken was an American businessman who in 1989 was indicted in a big case against Wall Street. His bail was set at a whopping $250 million and he was charged with racketeering and securities fraud.

If you are interested in bail bond services in Weslaco, TX, call the bail bondsmen at Rodriquez Bail Bonds today at 956-316-2245.


What are the Civil Penalties for Shoplifting?

At Rodriguez Bail Bonds, we understand how the law works in the state of Texas. We are the number one bail agency in Hidalgo County.  While shoplifting can be considered a felony or misdemeanor depending on the specific circumstance, shoplifters can also be liable for civil penalties. Due to the Texas Theft Liability Act, the state of Texas provides retailers with protections that allow them to take civil action against the shoplifter, or if a minor, the parent or guardian of the shoplifter. Below are the civil penalties for shoplifting in the state of Texas:

Monetary Award for Adult Shoplifter

Texas retailers can essentially make back the money they lost in damages, plus an additional fee, by issuing their civil recourse. If the perpetrator is of legal age, they can be awarded up to $1,000 dollars in addition to the awarded damages for the stolen or missing items.

Monetary Award for Minor Shoplifter

If the shoplifter is a minor, the retailer retains their right to civil recourse. In this case it would be against the parent or guardian of the minor. The cap for amount paid actually increases when it pertains to the parent or guardian. Retailers can get as much as $5,000 dollars in cases in which the parent is deemed responsible.

Know Your Rights

Residents of Hidalgo County who have been accused of shoplifting should understand their rights. Rodriguez Bail Bonds offers assistance with theft bail and can help you through the process. For theft bail assistance in Weslaco, TX, call us at 956-316-2245

Answers To Frequently Asked Bail Bond Questions

Answers To Frequently Asked Bail Bond Questions

Learn More About Bail Bonds With These Frequently Asked Questions!

Bail bonds are a subject that a lot of people don’t know a lot about. From what bails bonds are, to the bail bond process, it can get confusing when people are in the middle of getting themselves or someone out of jail. Below, we will discuss frequently asked questions about bail bonds, so the process will seem less scary if you are ever in a situation where you need a bail bond.

What Is a Bail Bond?

This one of the most frequently asked questions about bail bonds. A bail bond is any form of money or property that is presented to the court in order to secure someone’s release from jail and to guarantee the person shows up to court when they are supposed to.

What Is a Bail Bondsman?

If you cannot afford the bail yourself, you can hire a bail bondsman, who acts as a guarantor, who pay the bail bond on behalf of the defendant. Bail bondsman agrees to act as a surety, in turn, the defendant must show up on their assigned court date.

Who Determines the Bail Amount?

The judge will usually set the bail amount and will take a lot of factors into consideration like the type of crime, previous record, employment, etc.

What Type of Collateral Does a Bail Bondsman Accept?

Sometimes a bail bondsman will need collateral ensure the security of the bond and make sure the defendant shows up in court when they are supposed to. The types of collateral that bondsman accept are

  • Property
  • Cars
  • Stocks
  • Jewelry
  • Bank accounts

What Happens When You Don’t Show Up For Your Court Date?

You or a loved one are given a bail bond on the promise that you or your loved one will show up in court. When someone doesn’t show up for their court date, the bail bondsman or whoever paid your bail will be required to pay the full amount of the bail. When this happens a bail bondsman or police will need to locate the defendant and put them back in jail.

Do you need bail bond services in Weslaco, TX? Give the bail bondsman at Rodriguez Bail Bonds today at 956-316-2245.


Types of Bail Bonds Explained

After a judge or magistrate determines your eligibility for bail, you may have a few different options to leave jail early. However, your options will depend on your specific charges and circumstances. You might have heard of a cash bond of seen the term “own recognizance” but what do these terms mean? Here is a quick guide to help explain the most common types of bail bonds.

Cash Bond

Keys in Jail Cell

Get out of Jail Early with a Bail Bond or Other Type of Bond

When you pay the full amount of bail, this is known as a cash bond. In some cases, this might be your only option. If the magistrate determines you are too high a flight risk, you might need to come up with the money on your own. While friends and family can help you pay the cash bond, you cannot use a surety bond or bail bond if a cash-only bond is required.

Released on Own Recognizance/ROR

Although less common, you might be eligible for release on your own recognizance (sometimes called ROR or OR). In this scenario, the magistrate determines that you can leave jail early without any financial security. In other words, you do not need to pay any money for your release. This also means that you will not lose any money for failing to show up in court, though you could still have a warrant issued for your arrest if you fail to appear. ROR is often used for first-time or low-level defendants.

Surety or Bail Bond

When you are eligible for a bail bond or surety bond, you can save money up front by using a bail bondsman. In this process, you pay the bondsman a small percentage of the full price of bail, usually 10 percent. This fee is not refunded to you, but he will put forth the rest of the cost of the bond so you do not need to come up with the money to leave jail early. Failure to appear will result in bond forfeiture, making you liable for the full cost.

If you have questions about the types of bail bonds in Weslaco, TX, call Rodriguez Bail Bonds at 956-316-2245!

What to Do When a Friend Gets Arrested

No one wants to get a phone call from a friend or loved one who has been arrested. Whether you are with your friend at the time of their arrest or they call you from jail, there are some do’s and don’t’s to keep in mind. Follow these tips so you know what to do when a friend gets arrested.

Keep Calm

What To Do When a Friend Gets Arrested

Help Your Friend Get Out of Jail

The first thing to remember is to remain calm. Panicking will not help anyone, and could result in even more trouble. If you are with your friend as they are getting arrested, this is especially important. Do not verbally harass or physically assault the arresting officers, or you could escalate the situation and be arrested for interfering. Plus, keeping calm and collected in a stressful situation will help keep your friend calmer as well.

Get Critical Information

Whether you are with your friend or they call you, it is important to find out some essential information. To help them make bail, you will need their name, where they are being held, what their charges are, and more. The more information you have, the better. However, stick to facts as your call could be recorded and you don’t want your friend saying anything that could be used against him or her in court.

Contact a Local Bail Bondsman

If you cannot afford bail for your friend or do not have time to gather the money, contact your local bail bondsman. For a small percentage of the total bail amount, usually 10 percent, a bail agent will post bond and get your friend out of jail quickly. For example, if your friend is being held on $10,000 bail, you need only pay the bondsman $1,000 and he will put up the rest. This is contingent on your friend, known as the defendant, adhering to the rules set forth in the bond. Breaking these rules will result in bond forfeiture and you or your friend will be liable for the full amount.

If you need bail bonds in Weslaco, TX, call Rodriguez Bail Bonds at 956-316-2245.