Can You Get Bail on a Felony Charge?

felony bail

Can You Get Bail on a Felony Charge?

A felony bail bondsman can be your very best friend in times when you are being charged with a felony. It’s very integral to understand that felonies are serious charges that come with severe penalties. The bail for felony crimes such as robbery can range anywhere from one thousand five hundred dollars to fifty thousand dollars. This amount of money can change, however, due to the fact that a very severe crime that includes a violent offense will make the monetary penalty skyrocket.

How Much is Bail for a Felony Drug Charge?

In Texas, all kinds of drug dealing will fall unders the charge f manufacture or delivery of drugs. There is a difference between manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance versus possession of drugs. If you have been charged with transporting drugs, then it should be made known that your charges will be just as serious as making and selling drugs to the public. The bail for a second-degree felony drug charge can be quite substantial. You can face two to twenty years in a state prison as well as a fine of up to $10,000. If you are caught while delivering a quarter of an ounce of marijuana, then you will be charged with a class B misdemeanor unless you are caught in the vicinity of a school or youth center.

What Is High Bail?

Your bail amount will be ultimately determined by the circumstances of your case. For instance, high bail is posed upon a defendant if they are considered a danger to the community or if they have committed an offense against a child. In these circumstances, the defendant is considered to have a higher likelihood of fleeing the jurisdiction before trial. Higher bail will also be set if the defendant has a prior criminal record.

What Crimes Require Bail?

Are you wondering what crimes require bail? If so, it will be important for you to review the following list. Please read on to discover more.

  • Grand theft
  • Grand larceny
  • Physical assault
  • Destruction of property
  • Rape
  • Arson 
  • Murder

In each of these instances, the state will consider the defendant to be dangerous. It is important to protect civil society, and for defendants who have been charged with these crimes to make adjustments to their behavior so that they are deemed an asset to society.

Why Do People Get a Million Bail?

Usually, a very high bail will be set for someone who has not only committed a crime, but who is also deemed to be a person who will not return to court. Whether a defendant committed a murder or another significant crime, they can expect a high bail amount. The best way to determine for you not to have a high bail amount is to be, or become, a morally upstanding citizen. This would involve educating oneself on how to be a trustworthy and safe person to be around.

Can a Felon Bail Someone Out of Jail

If you are a felon out on probation and want to bail someone out of jail, it will be important to understand whether this is at all possible. While it is true that you can legally bond someone ouit of jail, you should certainly check with your probation officer to make sure that you are not violating any of the terms of your probation. For instance, one of these terms could be associating with criminal persons. It’s always best to take a deep breath and take stock of the situation so that you can decide your best course of action.

Felony for Bail

Bail bonds in Texas are set at a lower rate in the one thousand to three thousand five hundred range for misdemeanors or for less serious crimes. Alternatively, for felonies, the penalty range extends from five thousand to twenty thousand.

Bail for Felony Vandalism

It is interesting to note that under Texas law that many forms of vandalism are charged as criminal mischief. If the damage is anywhere between two-thousand five hundred dollars and thirty thousand dollars, then the crime is a state jail felony and is punishable by up to ten thousand dollars in fine and between 180 days and two years in state jail.

felony bail

Felony No Bail

There are circumstances where you can bail someone out on a felony charge. The best course of action in those circumstances is to utilize an excellent bail bondsman. In contrast, if an inmate has not received a “no bond” then it means that the individual cannot be released from jail until a bail amount is set by an assigned judge.

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