Donna Bail Bonds

When an arrest occurs in Donna by way of the Donna Police Department, the defendant is taken before the Donna Municipal Court Judge. It is at this time that the Donna Bail Bonds is set and we know how much the bail bond fee is going to be. The Municipal Court is located at 207 S 10th St, Donna, TX 78537 and after the bail bond is set the Defendant is transferred to the Hidalgo County Jail to the Hidalgo County Sheriff. The municipal court Judge is experienced and very fair in setting the bail bonds. Of course, the bail bond is always measured to fit the crime. Most times Donna Bail Bonds court is held in the afternoon so for families trying to make a plan please be aware that mornings can seem to drag as a result.

Rodriguez Bail Bonds has an office, our Headquarters, located in Weslaco to serve our Donna Bail Bonds clients. Our Weslaco office is located at 225 S Texas Blvd for your convenience. We are close to City Hall and our staff is ready and willing to help you with your bail bond needs. Most bail bonds for our friends that are legally here are just ten percent of the bail bond amount. However, sometimes different risk factors will play a role in the final price.

With the proximity to our Weslaco Bail Bonds office, we really recommend that our Donna clients visit the office. Why? Because the Bail Bonds process once the bail bond is posted, it still takes 3 to 6 hours after the bail bond is posted. So Donna Bail Bonds, please call us at 956-968-8556