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Call us today at our Edinburg Bail Bonds Office 956-316-2245. The Edinburg Municipal Court is located at 100 E Freddy Gonzalez Rd. Edinburg is also home to the County Courthouse where all criminal cases are tried. Edinburg Bail Bonds Companies find Edinburg a convenient place to locate an office and Rodriguez Bail Bonds is no exception.

The Municipal Court handles our felony and misdemeanor crimes that are perpetuated within the city. Most times arraignments occur in the mid afternoon. Once the suspects have had their arraignments, the bail bond service process can begin. Rodriguez Bail Bonds can help our clients in the Edinburg Bail Bonds area with any arrest of a family member they need. Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Controlled Substance, Driving While Intoxicated and Assault are just a few of the reasons arrests are made in Edinburg.

If your loved one or friend has been arrested in Edinburg, please call us when you need an Edinburg bail bond for them. The process can be quick, especially when the family is well prepared. What do we mean by well prepared? Normally when asking for a bail bond it is a requirement that you provide so important information about the defendant and yourself. This information includes the address and phone numbers of friends and family that live in the area. The reason this is important is in case we are unable to communicate with the defendant if he is unable to be reached. So, with this information and your form of payment the Edinburg Bail Bonds process will move along very fast.

Judge Terry Palacios is the main presiding Judge for the City of Edinburg and arraignments (court where bail bonds are set) are normally conducted in the mid afternoon. After the arraignment, the prisoners are transferred to the Hidalgo County Jail.

For your bail bonds needs in Edinburg and the surrounding cities, we are the best. We have been doing it the longest (over 35 Years Experience) and are always available.
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Edinburg Police Department
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