McAllen Bail Bonds

McAllen is the county’s and the valley’s largest city. One can only imagine that with a larger populace comes more crime. Rodriguez Bail Bonds, 956-682-0007, to the rescue! Indeed, that statistics bear that out. McAllen bail bonds are the highest in the county. The McAllen Police Department does a great job of protecting the city is very successful in keeping its streets safe. However, misdemeanor and felony crimes are still committed. The suspects arrested by law enforcement for McAllen are taken to the Municipal Court where they wait for arraignments. Because of the number of arrests, arraignments are scheduled three time a day. Once in the morning, another in the mid afternoon and the last in the evening. Our municipal court judges in McAllen are always professional and knowledgeable. When arraignments are complete, our bail bond process begins.

Our staff has a total of over 75 years of bail bonds experience. All of our experience has been in the McAllen and surrounding cities area that include all of Hidalgo County. When we say are are the experts, we are not kidding. Whether your loved one was arrested for a (DWI) Driving While Intoxicated or an aggravated assault charge we can help you. Please call us today for the fastest and most professional service in the McAllen Bail Bonds area.

One of the challenges with McAllen Bail Bonds and trying to help our clients are the numerous arraignments that occur during the day as a result of the increased arrests. Arraignment for all McAllen Bail Bonds take place three (3) times a day. Although we have already mentioned this, the challenge is the logistical. Many times it is not properly set expectations for bail bond posting because it can not be determined which arraignment the suspect will attend. Depending on the availability of evidence, the thorough investigation conducted by the McAllen Police Department can take some time. Once the investigation is complete it is determined when the during the day the suspect will be arrested. The amazing aspect of the whole bail bond process is that McAllen Police generally gets everybody in and out (to the the Hidalgo County Jail) within 24 to 36 hours.

McAllen Municipal Court
1601 N. Bicentennial Blvd.
McAllen, TX 78501
Tel: 956-681-2000

McAllen Police Department
1601 N. Bicentennial Blvd.
McAllen, TX 78501
Tel: 956-682-8591

Rodriguez Bail Bonds
312 Lindberg Ave
McAllen, TX 78501
Tel: 956-682-0007

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