Weslaco Bail Bonds

The City of Weslaco has an amazing law enforcement department in the Weslaco Police Department. When a crime is committed, they are responsive and very effective at investigating the crime. As the largest city in the Mid Valley area, Weslaco is a hub for law enforcement as both the U.S. Border Patrol and Hidaglo County Sheriff maintain substations to assist with detentions. Weslaco Bail Bonds are like most other cities and administered by our fine Municipal Court staff.

Our Municipal Court Judges in Weslaco are experienced and professional. Judge Carlos Garza and Judge Samuel Sanchez are very professional and always available to assist the citizens of our fine city. As it relates to crimes committed in the City of Weslaco, our Judges are very fair. When our Weslaco Police Department makes an arrest, they bring the Defendant before the Judge for arraignment where he will be given a bail bond. After the bail bond has been set, the Weslaco Police Department will arrange for transfer the Hidalgo County Jail for processing. It is at this time that our Defendants are eligible to have a bail bond posted on their behalf by Rodriguez Bail Bonds. The transfer normally occurs either in the mid afternoon every day or later in the evening.

As always, our Municipal Court and Weslaco Police Department provide the best service to our citizens and we are so very thankful for their efforts. Just a reminder that our staff at the Weslaco Office has a combined 70 years of Hidalgo County Bail Bonds experience.

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