What are the Civil Penalties for Shoplifting?

At Rodriguez Bail Bonds, we understand how the law works in the state of Texas. We are the number one bail agency in Hidalgo County.  While shoplifting can be considered a felony or misdemeanor depending on the specific circumstance, shoplifters can also be liable for civil penalties. Due to the Texas Theft Liability Act, the state of Texas provides retailers with protections that allow them to take civil action against the shoplifter, or if a minor, the parent or guardian of the shoplifter. Below are the civil penalties for shoplifting in the state of Texas:

Monetary Award for Adult Shoplifter

Texas retailers can essentially make back the money they lost in damages, plus an additional fee, by issuing their civil recourse. If the perpetrator is of legal age, they can be awarded up to $1,000 dollars in addition to the awarded damages for the stolen or missing items.

Monetary Award for Minor Shoplifter

If the shoplifter is a minor, the retailer retains their right to civil recourse. In this case it would be against the parent or guardian of the minor. The cap for amount paid actually increases when it pertains to the parent or guardian. Retailers can get as much as $5,000 dollars in cases in which the parent is deemed responsible.

Know Your Rights

Residents of Hidalgo County who have been accused of shoplifting should understand their rights. Rodriguez Bail Bonds offers assistance with theft bail and can help you through the process. For theft bail assistance in Weslaco, TX, call us at 956-316-2245