Having Bail Denied: Held Without Bail

handcuffed womanIf the Constitution promises the right to bail, why do we often hear of offenders that have had their bail denied? Setting bail is a complicated process that is determined by many factors, and can ultimately be denied under certain circumstances. Here we briefly outline the bail process and how bail can be denied.

When a judge is setting bail, many relevant factors surrounding the defendant and the nature of the charges are examined. Remember, bail is secured by offering up a material promise of your return to court. If the defendant is likely to flee before their court date, bail may be denied. If releasing the defendant on bail will pose a safety threat to the community, bail may also be withheld. Below are some of the many factors that a judge considers when setting bail:

  • Financial status
  • Mental stability
  • Community and family ties
  • Serious charges punishable by lengthy prison sentence or death
  • Repeating felony offender
  • History of alcohol and drug use
  • Likelihood of accused destroying evidence if released
  • Mental stability
  • Repeating felony offender

Bail Assistance

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