How Bail Bonds Works

The phone rings and a friend or loved is calling you asking for help. They have just been arrested and need a bail bondsman from a bail bond company. What do you do next? It is our goal here at Rodriguez Bail Bonds to help you in your moment of need when you need a bail bonds agent or bail bond services. How Bail Bonds works? We hope the following description and videos will help you understand bail bonds and why it is important so that you can make the best decision.

So, our bail bond journey begins. When a loved one is arrested for a crime that requires the services of a bail bond company, the first step in the process is to have the detained go before the judge for arraignment. It is here that he will have his bond set by the judge and then await transport to the Hidalgo County Jail for bail bond processing. As much as the bail bondsman wants to know the details of the specific case, the most important facts to determine are how much is the bond and what are the charges. The guilt or innocence of the accused will be determined much later by either the Hidalgo County County Court or the Hidalgo County District Court. The bail bond professional exists to help your friend or loved one gain his release from custody at the Hidalgo County Jail while he awaits trial on his alleged crimes.

When you make the call to Rodriguez Bail Bonds to inquire about our services, we will ask you to come to one of our three (3) offices so that we can meet with you in person in discuss the matter thoroughly. Also, we will ask you to sign some paperwork to give us information about the suspect and his living arrangements and acquaintances. Once we have signed and the fee has been paid, we immediately post the bail bond and start the fastest jail release in Hidalgo County.

OK, I understand that process but what is a bail bond. When the bond is set by the judge, it is a promise to appear in court. The inmate can keep that promise in one of two ways. He may remain in the custody of the Hidalgo County Sheriff until his court date arrives or he can have a Hidalgo County bail bond posted on his behalf.

A bail bond can be posted in one of two ways. First, the family or friend can post a cash bond for the total amount of the bond. This is of course expensive and most times unaffordable for our clients but it does have the advantage of allowing the family to recover all of the investment they have made for the bond. As an example, a $5,000 cash bond could be posted and as long defendant shows up to court and goes before the judge to have his guilt or innocence determined than the entire $5,000 would eventually be returned to the person that posted the cash bond. However, if the person fails to return to court the entire $5,000 is immediately forfeited.

The second way to post an Hidalgo County Bail Bond is to hire Rodriguez Bail Bonds to help you out. This is almost always the best way. Instead of having to pay the $5,000 in the above example, the family agrees to pay the bail bond company a percentage (normally 10%) of the bond and in return Rodriguez Bail Bonds agrees to post the bail bond for the incarcerated. Please note that in order for Rodriguez Bail Bonds to feel comfortable posting the bail bond, you will be asked to commit to several things. First and foremost, we will ask you to promise to make sure that the person we are providing the bail bond services for will show up to court. Also, we will ask that you help the released to report weekly to our office by telephone. Should he or she fail to do so, it is then that you will have a further obligation to the court and the bail bond company.

At Rodriguez Bail Bonds, we provide Hidalgo County Bail Bonds at the very best prices 24 hours a day 7 days a week.