Frequently Asked Questions For Bail Bonds In South Texas

1) Can a person be bonded out from the Hidalgo County City Jails?
Unfortunately, HIdalgo County requires that all criminal arrests above a Class C Misdemeanor be transported to the Hidalgo County Jail for bail bond processing. This is true whether a cash or surety bail bond is set or if a personal recognizance bond is set. Hidalgo County Sheriff has determined that the best way to make sure that criminal are best verified is to have everybody fingerprinted and processed at one central location. Your Hidalgo County Bail Bond can only be posted once your party arrives at the Hidalgo County Jail.

2) How long before a transfer occurs from the Hidalgo County City Jails to the Hidalgo County Jail in Edinburg for my eligible person can post a bail bond?
Every municipality has different times when bail bond court is held. Some even have several bail bond courts in a day. Most times a reasonable release time once the bail bond is posted at the Hidalgo County Jail is anywhere from 3 to 6 hours.

3) How often do I have to report or check in with Rodriguez Bail Bonds when I am out on bail bond?
Per the Rules that you signed when we posted the bail bond, most of our clients report once a week on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Most of our clients will call our report line at 956-278-8284. However, larger bail bond clients are required to speak to a live agent and must call one of our main office numbers to check in.

4) How long must I continue to report?
When the Hidalgo County Bail Bond is posted by Rodriguez Bail Bonds, the rules are clearly explained to our valued clients. Our clients often wonder how long they must continue to check in with our office. The rules clearly explain that one must continue to report until such time that the case is completely disposed and a Hidalgo County Judge be it the Hidalgo County District Court or the Hidalgo County Court have reached a decision on the disposition of the case.

5) My attorney said I don’t have to worry about calling my bail bondsman. Is this true?
Often an overzealous attorney may suggest to their client that they no longer have to have contact with the Hidalgo County Bail Bondsman. This is certainly not the case and noncompliance with the Hidalgo County Bail Bonds Rules agreed to when the bail bond was first posted would lead to the possibility of having the bail bond surrendered and a warrant issued for your arrest.

6) I want to go see my family in Mexico. Is this OK?
The Hidalgo County Bail Bond Rules that were signed stipulate that you keep us informed of your movements when leaving the country or Hidalgo County. A compliant client would very likely be granted permission to visit friends and family in Mexico. However, please make sure that you call the office to make sure no pending issues are outstanding what would lead to an arrest or apprehension. If one is leaving for an extended period of time, please seek permission from Rodriguez Bail Bonds in writing.

7) I am on probation and was just bailed out again. What happens next?
Our recommendation is to always speak with your Hidalgo County Probation Department Officer. The phone number to the Hidalgo County Adult Probation Department is 956-587-6000. Only your Probation Officer can determine what the next course of action might be. Please make sure to inform the Hidalgo County Probation Officer of your arrest. The old adage “Honesty is the Best Policy” definitely applies here.

8) How do I get a court appointed attorney for my case before the Hidalgo County Court?
There several ways in which you can get a Hidalgo District/County Court to appoint an attorney. First, the defendant can show up on the appointed day of your court that Rodriguez Bail Bonds will be in charge of informing you. On that day, the Hidalgo County Judge will ask you if you have an attorney. It is here that you can inform the Hidalgo County Court that you do not have representation. The Hidalgo County Judge will ask you if you wish to have one appointed and you can of course say yes.
Second, one can call the Hidalgo County Public Defender’s office. The phone number for the Public Defender is 956-292-7040. Here you can request representation prior to going to your first court date.

9) If a deposit was left for the Hidalgo County Bail Bond, when do I get it back?
Occasionally, a Hidalgo County Bail Bond requires that the family leave a good faith deposit to guarantee that the defendant will attend every Hidalgo County Bail Bond Court that is required by the Hidalgo County Judge. If and only if, a full disposition is granted by the court on the case for which the Hidalgo County Bail Bond was posted will a deposit be returned to the person who paid the deposit. Please make sure to retain your receipt. Failure to produce that receipt will most likely lead to forfeiture of said deposit.

In the event that the defendant fails to appear, the deposited money will be used to offer a settlement to the court for the failure to appear.

10) I changed jobs, addresses, phone numbers what should I do?
Once again, per the Rodriguez Bail Bond Rules, you agreed to keep us informed of any changes. Changes in employment, address or phone number are all very important and because communication between it is imperative that you let us know of any change no matter how small you believe may be.

11) What if I do not follow the Rodriguez Bail Bonds Rules I agreed to when the bail bond was posted?
The rules clearly state that any failure to follow said rules will have consequences. More often than not, failure to fully comply with the Hidalgo County Bail Bond rules will lead to a request by Rodriguez Bail Bonds for a bail bond surrender due to non compliance. Please make sure you follow the rules.

12) When is my Hidalgo County Court Date?
This is one of our most common questions and one of the most unpredictable ones. Due to the high volume of cases and delay in criminal court paperwork making its way through the Hidalgo County District Attorney system, determining a court date is next to impossible. Sometimes a court date can be scheduled in a month and other times a year has passed and still no court date. The best option is to continue to check in and understand that Rodriguez Bail Bonds is responsible for you to go to court. Thus, we will make absolutely sure that you know about your Hidalgo County Court date with plenty of time to spare.

13) My friend or family is not legally here and they just got arrested for crime. What happens next?
A person that is arrested regardless of his residency status is subject to the same process. Once the transfer to the Hidalgo County Jail is complete he or she is ready to post a bail bond. However, because the residency status may be in doubt many time the US Border Patrol or ICE (Immigration Customs and Enforcement) may request a detainer on the inmate so as to ascertain his legal status. It is possible that after interviewing with these agencies he or she may be detained. Thus, any bail bond that is posted would serve only to expedite the transfer of the inmate for the custody of the Hidalgo County Sheriff to the appropriate agency.

14) I signed for a friend or family member on a Hidalgo County Bail Bond. What are the obligations?
An Hidalgo County Bail Bond obligates the bail bondsman to produce the defendant before the Hidalgo County Court at the appointed time. The reason a guarantor/signer is required is for a bail bond is to help assure that the defendant will show up to court. The signer agrees to take on the full amount of the bail bond as an obligation in the event the defendant does not arrive to the appointed Hidalgo County Court. You should only sign for someone that you believe will be responsible enough to make it to every single scheduled Hidalgo County Court Date.

15) A person that I signed for is in jail. What do I do?
This is an important question. The very first thing you should do upon being informed of the bailed defendant being in jail is to inform Rodriguez Bail Bonds. Not only have you agreed to inform us when you signed the Rodriguez Bail Bond Rules you also have an opportunity to possibly be released of liability. However, it is best to have a discussion with Rodriguez Bail Bonds about your continuing responsibilities and obligations should this occur.

16) I signed for someone when they got arrested? Can the bail bond company arrest me?
Actually, no. However, Rodriguez Bail Bonds expects to receive your full cooperation in helping us apprehend the individual that did not so up to the Hidalgo County Court on the bail bond that was posted.
You are still civilly liable to the Rodriguez Bail Bonds and court action to be taken against you to require that you honor the contracts that you signed at the time the Hidalgo County Bail Bond was posted.

17) I believe I wrote a hot check. How do I find out if I have a warrant for my arrest?
First, you can call the Hidalgo County District Attorney’s office at 956-318-2300. It is here that you can inquire about any outstanding check warrants. Should it be that you indeed have some issues with hot checks, the Hidalgo County District Attorney will be the one to give you options as to how to handle these cases.