How Does an Immigration Bail Bond Work?

immigration bail bonds

How Does an Immigration Bail Bond Work?

Immigration bail bonds work slightly differently than regular bail bonds. That is because ICE, or the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, has a part to play in the proceedings. A surety bond is issued when the detainee or defendant’s family works with an immigration bonds agent to pay the bond. A cash bond is understood to be when the family or friends pay the amount directly to ICE. Once the defendant has followed proper civil proceedings by showing up to all mandatory court appearances, the amount that has been handed over previously can be fully refunded.

How Much is a Bail Bond for Immigration?

Immigration bail bonds need to be understood by all individuals living in America. Usually, the minimum amount for a delivery bond is about $1,500. This cost can escalate to up to $10,000 or ten-thousand dollars. This amount will escalate depending on the detainee’s past criminal history. For instance, if a detainee has been charged with domestic violence and has prior drug convictions, their bail bond amount will be understandable higher because they will be considered a threat, or risk, to society. At the end of the day, it is important to keep neighborhoods safe, which is why many laws are in place.

Who Qualifies for an Immigration Bond?

Bonds work in a very similar fashion across the board. A bond is the money that a family member or friend pays to the government in order to have a defendant released from jail or police custody. During the immigration bail bond process, once money has been paid to the government to release the detainee from police custody, they are then allowed to return to their residence until the following court appearance. The detainee must show up to all court proceedings, and follow through with the judge’s orders in order to get their money back. This includes the condition of deportation.

How Long Do You Have to Pay an Immigration Bond?

There are many different examples of the immigration bond process. Inevitably, it’s important for all individuals who are detained by ICE to have a fair trial and to have the opportunity to set and pay their bond. This process goes as fast as possible, provided the circumstances are correct. For instance, if an immigration or “removal” hearing is scheduled in a couple of days, at a bond hearing the judge will set a bond and the hearing will be two days later, provided the bond has not been paid yet.

Who Can Get Deported?

There are a number of different crimes that can get immigrants deported from the United States. In order to learn more, please review the following list of crimes that will cause ICE to review your case more critically:

  • Espionage.
  • Terrorist activities.
  • Stalking.
  • Child abuse or neglect.
  • Drug crimes.
  • Domestic violence.
  • Illegal possession or sales of firearms.

How to Pay Immigration Bail Bond

Are you wondering how you can pay a friend or family member’s immigration bail bond? There is a pathway forward. You can pay the bond at the detention center, or you can pay the bond at nearly any immigration office. In terms of payment, a money order from a U.S. post office will be acceptable, as will a cashier’s check. In some places, cash is acceptable.

Immigration Bail Bonds Near Me

Are you looking for a reputable bail bond company in your neighborhood? Please be advised that there are many different bail bond companies out there. You can conduct a simple internet search on your smartphone or nearby computer. According to the map radius based upon your current location, you will be able to access a bail bond company near you.

Immigration Bail Bonds in Texas

Luckily, there are many reputable bail bond companies in Texas. With proximity to the Mexican border, it’s important for individuals to know where to go should an immigrant friend or family member be detained. Having a knowledgable bail bond company and hopefully, a lawyer can help you.

immigration bail bonds

Benefits of Immigration Bail Bonds

If a friend or family member has been detained by the authorities, it’s important for individuals to understand what silver linings may appear. The benefit of getting an immigration bail bond is that individuals have a chance to catch their breath and adjust to some new realities. The same is true for all individuals who are held in police custody. At the end of the day, it is important for detainees to follow the correct processes and arrive at court for all mandatory proceedings. As the laws change and fluctuate, it will be important to pay attention to current and new changes in rulings. Regardless, having access to a good bail bond company always helps.

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