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Friendly and quick service
Really good customer service and quick results!
These are awesome people, honest and professional, kind and thoughtful, they take in every factor that's going on in handling your bond. They do it quick and with total care and at the same time help ease the anxiety that you or a love one is feeling at the time. Very professional and friendly through the whole process. They will work with you in anyway that they can. They helped us when almost all hope was lost, but somehow they were put in our path by an awesome and helpful taxi driver Ernesto. They listen to what was going on and didn't judge us or take advantage.. I have nothing but good things to say about them, I will most definitely be referring them every chance I get... thank yall so much at Rodriguez Bail Bonds.!!
Great customer service recommend when you need help Highly recommend ?
Very respectful and helpful staff. I really enjoyed their services and look will keep them in mind for the future. Definitely recommend!
Great staff. Very informative and helpful.
Get service. They were very helpful and very informative!
Thank you so much to the staff at Rodriguez Bail Bonds. We are eternally grateful for your help. It was the first time and hopefully the last time that we will ever need bail bond services. However, the professionalism and great treatment that they provided at Rodriguez Bail Bonds was out of this world. I only hope that if anyone is ever in trouble that they remember to call Rodriguez Bail Bonds.
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