Theft Charges in Texas Courts

Flocked gateacing any type of charges can rattle you to the core, especially if the charges are for theft or property crimes. Texas has rigid laws on theft and it is important to post bail and seek qualified legal counsel as soon as possible. Here we walk through the basics of theft charges to help you better navigate your legal situation.

Theft in Texas law is defined as unlawfully appropriating property with the intent to deprive it from the rightful owner.  The term “theft” in Texas encompasses many different scenarios, including swindling, shoplifting, worthless checks, embezzlement, and receiving or concealing stolen property. Theft charges range from Class C misdemeanors to first degree felonies. Additionally, an offense can be upgraded to the next higher category of offense if it is shown at trial that the offender was a public servant, if the property was stolen from an elderly individual, or under certain other conditions.

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