What are Texas Bail Bond Conditions?

Conditions of Bail

For Drug Possession Cases, Conditions of Bail Often Include Mandatory Drug Tests.

While bail may not feel like a privilege when the defendant is paying it, it does allow a person accused of a crime to remain free while they await their trial. This free time represents valuable wages and uninterrupted consultation access with your lawyer. However, certain conditions may apply to your bail bond that could cause it to be revoked if you aren’t careful. If you’ve been accused of a crime and have agreed to pay, make sure you also pay attention to conditions of bail set by the judge!

These conditions are set prior to a suspect’s release by a judge or magistrate. Typically, conditions impose a set of guidelines and restrictions on the accused which are designed to maximize the likelihood that the accused will appear at their trial. It also protects victims of the crime and harshly penalizes any relapse in behavior. Some of the most common types of bail conditions include:

  • Not consuming any substances forbidden by law (or court official)
  • Reporting to a probation officer for regular checkups
  • Submitting to a drug or alcohol test
  • (Until the trial) remaining in the state of Texas
  • Remaining a certain distance away from the crime victim

More information about bail conditions can be found in the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. Conditions usually reflect the nature of the crime. For instance, someone caught in possession of marijuana or a controlled substance will probably be ordered to submit to a drug test. Failure to follow the conditions of bail can lead to harsh penalties, bail revocation, and forfeiture of bail.

When is Bail Revoked?

It’s important to note that there is very little grace given for a defendant found in violation of bail conditions. In most cases, when a suspect violates any condition of their bail, the judge will have the defendant’s bail bond revoked and they are immediately returned to jail until the date of their trial. Any bail already paid may also be permanently lost. That is why it is so important to pay close attention to the conditions set by the judge or magistrate and take steps to carefully follow them.

Local Bail Bondsman

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