What Happens After an Arrest?

You or a loved one has been arrested, now what? Knowing the local booking and bail procedures makes getting out of a jail a simpler process. So if you end up in jail or get contacted by a friend or relative who’s been arrested, here is what you need to know:

Shadows of cell bars

After an arrest, the person will be taken to jail and undergo the booking process. This requires gathering all of the person’s contact and personal information, mugshots, and being fingerprinted. Then the arrested person will be able to make a phone call to contact either family, a friend, or a bail agent.

Once in the person is in jail, a judge will decide whether the accused is allowed to be released on bail or must remain in jail based on prior arrests. If a person is determined to be a flight risk or too dangerous to be released, their right to bail will be denied. Bail is set based on the crime committed. In some cases, if a judge isn’t present, the bail can be set based on a local bail schedule with pre-determined bail amounts based on the criminal activity.

Once the arrestee has received the bail amount, they can decide whether to pay the amount in full or need to contact a bail bondsman to pay a percentage of the amount in order to get out of jail. Otherwise, the person must stay in jail until their appointed court date.

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