What is Sentencing and Appeals?

Appeal Bail Bonds

An Appeal Bail Bonds Can Help You Work On Your Case.

When facing charges, a lot of work goes into building and enacting your defense. While you may be focused on trying to get the best possible outcome for your case, make sure to also do some research into your options if you end up getting the worst. While this sounds morbid, sparing a thought for what could happen if you are convicted can ensure that you are not without hope and keep you from feeling as though you are lost later. In the event you are convicted, you will have to deal with sentencing and may be able to appeal. The sentencing period will occur immediately after a conviction has occurred. The judge will investigate the details to determine the best sentence for you. After the sentence has been laid down, you have a short period of time where you can appeal, or request for a higher court to review your case in the hope they will overturn the lower court’s decision. The higher court can then hear your case and see if the case can have an appeal based on:

  • Legal Errors
  • Factual Errors
  • Harsh Sentencing
  • Another Determination 

How Does an Appeal Bond Work?

As with most situations, there may be a bail option available to you that will allow you your freedom. This means that you can plan for your day before the appeals court with your attorney if you secure appeal bail. It may be up to the judge whether this is an available option. In order to get a bail bond, you must acknowledge that you have indeed lost your first trial but you are seeking an appeal. From there a bondsman can work with you to take care of your bail. You are then free to work with your attorney and meet for your day in appeals court. Need to get started today with an appeal bond or any of our other bail service? Give us a call today at 956-316-2245 for your bail bonds needs in Weslaco, TX.